CRIPT | Polymer Research

Since August 2022, I am working as a Front-end Software Engineer for polymer research in MIT (ChemE dept.).

« The Community Resource for Innovation in Polymer Technology (CRIPT) provides a platform for people working in polymer science and engineering to capture and share data. CRIPT is led by a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) along with collaborators in Academia, Industry, and Government, with support from the Convergence Accelerator Program of the National Science Foundation (NSF) »

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My role:

  • Contribute and maintain a web app (React, Vite) and multiple libraries (TS, Rollup, npm)
  • Write ingestion scripts in TypeScript and Python (pandas, CRIPT SDK)
  • Create dynamic visualisations (React, Plotly)
  • Unit tests, e2e tests and CI scripts (Jest, Cypress, GithubActions)
  • Estimate tasks to help plan the production
  • Contribute to scientific publication.

React / Vite / Typescript / Plotly / Python / GitHub / Jest / Cypress / Docker

Web-based Cartographic Client

Examind demo | Geomatys Youtube channel.

I worked 2 years and a half as a Frontend Software Engineer for the geospatial field in Geomatys (Montpellier, south France)

My main tasks were to:

  • Develop as a team a web-based cartographic client using the Angular framework using libraries (CesiumJS, MaterialDesign, etc. ) to increase the speed of delivering a such an application but with configurable options.
  • Implement CI/CD for our generic cartographic client using GitlabCI, docker, and bash to get a better quality code base (unit tests, end-to-end) and a ready-to-deploy application using docker images.
  • Maintain and improve an internal Angular library to aggregate our common code for reuse in all our projects.
  • Read and implement a graphic identity using open source image editors (vector and pixel), HTML, CSS and JS to produce accurate and beautiful proof of concept websites to unlock budgets.

Angular 2+ / Docker / Gitlab CI / Cesium JS / Typescript / NodeJS / IntelliJ IDEA

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BléDD – Database on durum wheat

As a result of my DUT internship at INRA Montpellier, France (under the responsability of Patrice Buche and Luc Menut), the objective of the BléDD project was to convert tables of data from leaflets (paper and digital) into a relational database in order to allow specialists in the field to study the evolution of technological characteristics of durum wheat varieties grown in France since 1973.

VBA / SQL / format CSV / PowerAMC / MS Access 2012 / ABBYY FineReader / InkScape

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Quadruped Autorig – R&D

QuadrupedAutorigAntekThis autorig was built to generate quadruped rigs in Autodesk Maya. The script was written in MEL to generate each part separately (legs, trunk, arm, head) before to connect them at the final step.

The objective was to be able to make changes to a 3D model and be able to regenerate its rig instantly. Or, to reuse a rig for another model.

Once rig is generated, user can manipulate the 3d model with handles

Autodesk Maya / MEL

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