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Blocs Médio – now in WebGL !


This 3D design software  allows customer to create stands using Eurosystems‘s (Aspères, 34) patented blocs médio.

ShiVaEngine / LUA / PHP / Javascript / HTML5 / WebGL / Zend / Autodesk Maya

Browse examples

Open a stand by clicking of the picture, you will be forwarded to the blocs médio app:

More examples can be found there.

My responsibilities

On this project in worked on these aspects:

  • Modeling the 3D blocs,
  • Integrate the UI from Illustrator designs,
  • 3D edition logics (snapping, manipulation),
  • Scene load/save to XML using a web API (Zend),
  • Javascript / HTML creation to link the Shiva app with the browser,
  • Zend backend maintenance,
  • Rendering optimisation (semi-static lighting using on-demand vertex color computation),
  • LUA script optimisation,

Additional information

Browse the official webpage of EuroSystems Expo which are the creator of BlocsMédio : eurosystems-expo.com

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