Jeu de mots v0.2 | Angular PHP /MySQL


My website has been updated. I decided to add a backend!

Before the update, jokes were stored in a monolithic JSON, they are now saved in a database. The JSON format is still used, but jokes are transmitted in pages. Page size is a parameter, it can be adjusted depending on the context. Sometimes we need 10 jokes (for a list) sometimes only one (home page).

An administrator can review jokes online and publish them, he can also maintain easily the website.

Angular 13 / PHP 7.4 / MySQL / phpMyAdmin / XAMPP

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Web-based Cartographic Client

Examind demo | Geomatys Youtube channel.

I worked 2 years and a half as a Frontend Software Engineer for the geospatial field in Geomatys (Montpellier, south France)

My main tasks were to:

  • Develop as a team a web-based cartographic client using the Angular framework using libraries (CesiumJS, MaterialDesign, etc. ) to increase the speed of delivering a such an application but with configurable options.
  • Implement CI/CD for our generic cartographic client using GitlabCI, docker, and bash to get a better quality code base (unit tests, end-to-end) and a ready-to-deploy application using docker images.
  • Maintain and improve an internal Angular library to aggregate our common code for reuse in all our projects.
  • Read and implement a graphic identity using open source image editors (vector and pixel), HTML, CSS and JS to produce accurate and beautiful proof of concept websites to unlock budgets.

Angular 2+ / Docker / Gitlab CI / Cesium JS / Typescript / NodeJS / IntelliJ IDEA

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