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Examind Playground – Geospatial

Examind demo | Geomatys Youtube channel.

I worked a bit more than 2 years in Geomatys (Montpellier, France) as a Computer Science Engineer. At this position I was in charge to develop Examind Playground (angular-based cartographic client) and also to maintain existing applications.

Angular 2+ / Docker / Gitlab CI / Cesium JS / Typescript / NodeJS / IntelliJ IDEA

Some other demo

In order to show only public content, the applications shown are not always those I’ve been working on.

CamGIS: Modeling strategies to mitigate risk of property invasion by Pink Flamengos | Geomatys Youtube Channel
Shamane is a platform proposing a tool to study the Prezwalski’s horse populations | from Les Fées Spéciales website.
3D-4D Visualization of variables along a trajectory | Geomatys Youtube channel.

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