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Micro Battle Tank – Web & Mobile Game

Micro Battle Tank is a video game strongly inspired by Wii Play and Micro Machines titles.

Developed for the Web and Android Mobiles.

Around 2013 this game was available on Android devices, but is not maintained now.

ShiVaEngine / LUA / MultiAgents / Gameplay / Multiplayer / AutodeskMaya / Photoshop / UI-UX / Mobile / Web

Screenshot of Micro Battle Tank, game paused, camera moved.

My responsibilities:

This project is 99% self-made (check Friends section for the 1%), my responsibilities were:

  • 3D creation (modeling, textures, skinning, rigging, integration into ShiVa engine ),
  • Scripting LUA (IA, HUDs multi-language, multiplayer, level editor, VFX, etc.),
  • Web (PHP API, HTML, CSS).

Friends :

On this project, I was helped by friends, thanks to them: