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Let’s try React!


After implementing the PHP backend working with the Angular front-end, I was curious about other front-end framework alternatives. I heard a lot about React and Vue, and I decided to choose React because of the low effort it seems to require to get quick results. I started to implement a simple page to display a joke slideshow, something close to the original Angular version, but with a slightly different style. The figure below shows a capture of the single page using React.

WIP React front-end | Joke slideshow

You can browse the page by following the link here, the source code is here. More info below.

Few details

I decided to choose React because you can use it partially on an existing web page. This is the complete opposite direction that takes Angular I believe. That’s why I felt It could give me a different perspective on website development.

That feeling was confirmed immediately, It was so easy to set up the base app. The example files generated were clear and simple, enough to start easily.

I really liked the way React handles states and how HTML templates are defined.


I would like to go further with React, especially with JSX and Typescript. My first test was using Javascript, and I have to say I feel a lack when I am not using a « Compiler » (Transpiler).

On the other hand, trying Vue.js could be also interesting, to get another perspective!

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