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B-Rend3r – to understand 3d engines

B-Rend3r is written in C++. I’m using OpenGL and SDL2 to build a minimalist 3d application framework. The main goal of this project is to understand the core of 3d engines by implementing common classes like: Vec3, Mat44, Mesh Generator, Renderer, Transform, etc.

The video on the side shows a short demo, here the user is moving a red circle by using keyboard arrows. 

To give you some details, the Shape component generates the circle’s mesh when program starts, then the KeyboardController handle user inputs to generate a force to apply to the circle, the Physics component apply a smooth before to effectively move the circle using the Transform component (sets position/rotation/scale).


The program architecture tends to use the ECS (Entity Component System) paradigm. As you can see in the diagram below, an entity (Model) can have several components (Component<T> and derived) attached. There are only two systems (BRend3R and Renderer). This piece of code was an exercise and I didn’t push it further. This was enough to get some answers to the questions I had when I started.

Source code

If you’re interested by the code source, you can browse my github repository

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